My Decision to be a Business Owner vs. an Employee

Wow how time flies? I know according to the laws of the universe, time does not go faster the older I get, but it sure seems like it does….

Anyway 8 years ago this month I decided to leave a very safe, Global VP level role with over 200 employees to start a new business. It was the most exciting, scary, determined decision since I proposed to my wife 35 years ago.

Starting my own Business Coaching Business by purchasing a Focal Point International franchise and running the business for the last 8 years has been all that I expected.

Flexibility, Compensation DIRECTLY related to my efforts / results, and the Ability to work with Small Business Owners, who started their business because they are experts in the industry, yet wanted assistance learning how to Work ON the Business not IN it, has been the most rewarding.
If you are thinking about what’s next for you and Business Ownership has entered your thought process, come check out without harassment if this is right for you.

AR – Mark Steinke (