Managing Emotions in Business, Sports and Life

Yes successful Leaders, Golfers, and those in Business, besides having the requisite skills, have one strong common ability,  It is they have learned how to manage their Emotions.

They difference between being Good / Great at what you do and being Excellent / Superb at what you do is how you manage your emotions.  Thousands of successful people have been studied over the years to ascertain the qualities that enable them to accomplish extraordinary things and to have a positive influence on the world around them.

Truly successful, excellent and superb Executives in Business, Golfers in Sports and Leaders in Politics, Life are in control of their emotions.  They typically are Calm, Confident, Positive and Centered in what they do.  Were they always like this? Not really!  They have learned how to have a realistic, objective way of looking at themselves and life, without become anxious, fearful or excited.

The real Question here is:  How do I control my emotions in very high stress, emotional times?

According to Liana Georgouslis in the article: “How to manage Emotions” – – There are three Key ways to Manage your emotions:

  1. Understand your Emotions needs
    • In order to manage your emotions, you need to fully understand them. All of us have certain emotional needs that are just as important as our physical needs. Spend some time taking an inventory of the emotional needs that are most important to you.[1]
    • For example, some important emotional needs are feeling in control, feeling respected, and feeling comfort. If your brain feels one of those needs is not being met, that can trigger the negative emotions.

2.  Know your Triggers

    • Throughout the course of a day, it is normal to go through a wide range of emotions. When things aren’t going your way, it is very common to feel anger or irritation. The key is to be able to manage your emotions so that they do not negatively impact your daily life. Knowing the things that trigger negative emotions is an important part of remaining in control.[2]
    • When your brain feels as though it has lost or been deprived of something it needs, the most common emotions are anger, fear, or sadness. Needs are not bad, but it is important to understand your needs and how to manage them.
    • Maybe your boss criticized you for sloppy work on a project. You might feel that you are not being respected, because you spent months creating a great product. Your initial reaction is probably very negative. Take note of this, and remember that not feeling respected is one of your triggers.

3.  Shift your Focus

    • Once you know your triggers, you can use that to your advantage. When you know that something is triggering a negative emotion, try to shift your focus away from that person or situation. Instead, refocus on something positive in order to help you regain your composure.[3]
    • Perhaps feeling out of control is one of your triggers. When you are in a traffic jam and running late, you are likely to feel frustration and anger. Try to shift your focus. Turn on your favorite CD or have an interesting podcast downloaded for just such an occasion. Shift your focus from the traffic to listening to something you enjoy.
    • Many of us are very critical of ourselves. If you are feeling mad at yourself for not going to the gym all week, shift your focus. Instead, congratulate yourself on getting caught up on much needed housework.

Applying these three principles in your life during Business, during a Golf game not going well or even during Life events with traffic, spouse, children, etc. will provide you with Growth and Results. Is this EASY….NO.

So it is up to you if you want to be Superb and or Excellent in your field of expertise to work these into your response,  It is best if you find someone you trust to hold you accountable.  Support you and yes Challenge you.

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