Leadership & Delegation – both are needed for success!

Leadership is an Art as well as a practice and a science.  Determining the mixture of how much Art to use vs. how much Science to utilize is a crucial decision in successful leadership.  With all the different styles of leadership available, which one or mixture of ones is best for you?  Your business?  Your growth?

The job of a leader is to obtain results through others. Since every person is different in some way, and often in many ways, the very best leaders are those who have the greatest flexibility in their styles of working with other people.

Your ability to obtain the very most out of the people who report to you is a key measure of your effectiveness as an executive.  When you take the time to think about who you are working with and what it is you need for them to do, you will invariable use the best tools, techniques and methods to maximize the performance and productivity of the other person.

Does “Direct Report A” need mentoring, coaching to complete the results expected?  Are they already skilled in the necessary areas to be successful and therefore only need motivation, support and / or accountability?  What about “Direct Report B”?  What is their “Task-Relevant Maturity” as it related to being able to obtain the expected results?  Are they a high delegation skilled person? A moderate one? or maybe new to all this but loads of potential and therefore have low delegation ability?

As a leader you need to understand this and mirror and match your leadership / delegation style to the needs of the person you are working with and through to get the results required.  Therefore YOU as the leader have the opportunity to grow and determine all this while demonstrating leadership individually as well as organizationally.

Not sure how to do all this effectively?  Need some coaching, assistance developing this so you as the leader can obtain greater results with less of your time being involved?

If so, reach out to Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania and let’s chat on how to make this happen for you, your business and your leaders in your business.