Leaders Lead

shutterstock_184231607So far Leaders Learn, Leaders Perform and now it is time for Leaders to LEAD!

Leadership requires a special set of skills.  This has bee known almost since Man began.  Titus Livy, a Roman historian who lived between 64 bc to 17 AD wrote:

“Being a general calls for talents different than those of a soldier.”

Leaders need to be learners and performers, however they need to understand and develop the skills to actually Lead.  According to Brady & Woodward in their Book:  “Launching a Leadership Revolution” Leaders who Lead need to:

  1. Have presuppositions or the “Art” of Leading.
  2. Understand that results come through team effort.
  3. Know that people buy IN to the leader before anything else.
  4. Understand the importance of Finding and Developing Good people.
  5. Know that dealing with inadequate resources is common.
  6. Acknowledge that leadership IS the limitation.
  7. Understand the impact of their actions on the organization.
  8. Fully know Leadership is about Sacrifice.
  9. Understand leaders job is never done.
  10. Acknowledge that Actions or the “Science” of Leading is imperative.
  11. Leaders model the way.
  12. Leaders compel individuals to Perform
  13. Leaders Coach others.
  14. Leaders become SERVANTS.
  15. Leaders operate as Field Commanders.
  16. Leaders orchestrate Activity
  17. Leaders Measure results.
  18. Leaders Solve Problems.
  19. Leaders Communicate.

As a leader comes to understand the presuppositions (art) of Leadership and habitually execute the actions (science) of leadership their influence and Leadership skills will rise.  Where are you in this process?  Are you building the foundations?  Are you a learner? Do you perform?  For more information read the book by Brady and Woodward:  “Launching a Leadership Revolution”.

By Mark R. Steinke

Elite Business Coach

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania