Leaders are Performers

shutterstock_18557293The Second level of Leadership is Performing.  After learning,it is imperative that the leader begins the actions, efforts and work of performing.  To gain the acceptance of those you lead, you really need to show your willingness, actions and deeds to DO the work while you Lead those doing the work.

This is critical as results come through personal effort and living in the shoes of those that do will go a long way.

This really is a mindset.  Again according to Brady and Woodward in their book:  “Launching a Leadership revolution”, to become a performer, one must internalize and operating according to several presuppositions such as:

  • Performers understand that results come through personal effort
  • Performers understand that Champions do not start out that way
  • Performers know there will be many opportunities to feel second best
  • Performers understand that nothing worthwhile comes easy
  • Performers don not expect fair treatment
  • Performers know there will always be critics
  • Performers know there will always be strong adversaries
  • Performers understand that breaks will come to those who prepare
  • Performers know that attitude conquers circumstances
  • Performers understand that desire trumps talent
  • Performers can Never be satisfied
  • Performers know there is power in Belief
  • Performers work as part of an overall team
  • Performers edify the organization’s leadership
  • Performers promote the training system and learning environment
  • Performers follow the proven methods
  • Performers Build on their Basic Strengths
  • Performers Initiate Activity
  • Performers push to grow and improve
  • Performers become relatable
  • Performers become believable and demonstrate conviction
  • Performers maintain a positive attitude
  • Performers give their best in every situation
  • Performer focus on priorities
  • Performers get results
  • Performers ignore their press clippings

Would be leaders work their way up the leadership steps from learning to performing.  Performing actually builds credibility and influence.  When one has the first two personal skills developed it is now time to begin developing and Leadin

By Mark R. Steinke

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania

Elite Business Coach