Leaders are Made not Born

shutterstock_109242275Ask someone to identify what is wrong with their employer, company, boss, government  or neighbor and you’d better be prepared for the long explanation.  Almost every time you will hear toward the end or summed up in one simple word – LEADERSHIP.

What is Leadership?

Many  experts, big thinkers have described leadership, defined leadership and informed us all about it.  I have read definitions from such greats as:  Dwight D. Eisenhower, James C. Hunter, Vance Packard, and others.

How ever according to John Maxwell in his book entitled:  “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”

“Leadership is influence – nothing ore, nothing less. People have so many misconceptions about leadership.  When they hear that someone has an impressive title or an assigned leadership position, they assume that he is a leader.  Sometimes that’s true.  But titles don’t have much value when it comes to leading.  True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned.  It comes only from influence, and that can’t be mandated.  It must be earned.”

Simple stated according to Chris Brady and Orin Woodward in their book:  “Launching the Leadership revolution”, “Leadership is the influence of others in a productive, vision-driven direction and is done through the example, conviction, and character of the leader.”  You see leaders lead for the joy of creating something bigger than themselves.

How does one become a leader?  The first step is identifying your foundational qualities of:

  1. Stating your purpose – Every great leader has an over arching purpose – YOUR REASON FOR EXISTING
  2. Identifying your values – Our values are the core to our actions – WHO YOU ARE
  3. Knowing you mission – Our mission describes how we carry out our purpose –  WHAT YOU DO
  4. Clarifying your Vision – Our picture of the future – WHERE ARE YOU GOING

Once you have these foundations defined, lived and operating you are now ready to develop Leadership by “Learning, Performing, Leading, Developing Leaders and ultimately Developing Leaders who develop Leaders.” – Brady & Woodward

For more information Read the book:  “Launching a Leadership Revolution” by Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward.


By Mark R. Steinke

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania