Leaders are Learners

shutterstock_140187979After Foundational answers of Purpose, Vales, Mission and Vision are determined in people the first step in developing leadership is LEARNING.

“That is one of the great secrets of becoming a great leader – never stop becoming.”

– Jeff O’Leary

Being open to learning from others have already been stated as keys to leadership success by many leadership guru’s like Maxwell.  Leaders must fall in love with learning.  They must resist the temptation to be judgmental or critical or block out the fact that they have something to learn.  You see every great leader realizes that he/she still has more to discover.

When taking on a new task or responsibility, a leader must be zealous to learn all there is to know.  Leaders cannot expect to become experts in every area of operation, but they should never stop pursuing information and understanding.  Learning is an attitude, and leaders must have a healthy does of it.

How can future leaders learn?  According to Brady & Woodward in their book:  “Launching A leadership revolution”

A few options for you are:

  1. Leaders can learn from anyone
  2. Leaders learn best from those who have results
  3. Leaders learn about people
  4. Leaders learn about basics
  5. Leaders learn about Goals / Objectives
  6. Leaders learn about processes
  7. Leaders learn about Measurement of Performance
  8. Leaders learn about rewards
  9. Leaders learn about Histories
  10. Leaders learn about environment
  11. Leaders learn about obstacles & Oppositions
  12. Leaders learn from Books
  13. Leaders learn from Audio Recordings
  14. Leaders learn from Videos
  15. Leaders learn from Associations with other successful leaders
  16. Leaders learn from Coaches / Mentors
  17. Leaders learn from Actions
  18. Leaders learn by controlling the flow of information

Through the learning process, the leader’s competency should become obvious to all.  It is when this begins happening that the leader advances to the next level of Leadership development – PERFORMING


By Mark R. Steinke

Elite Business Coach

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania