It All Starts Here

shutterstock_155438825Before a sale takes place, the prospective customer must first be located.  There is a golden rule in selling: “Spend more time with better prospects.”

This leads to a question “what are the characteristics of an ideal or “better” prospect?”  Here are seven every business needs to answer:

  1. Can and Will Buy
  2. Genuine Need
  3. Willing and Able to Act Quickly
  4. Knows, Likes and Respects you
  5. Perceive High Value
  6. Benefits outweigh Price
  7. An Excellence Source of Leads


Knowing your “better” or Ideal prospects is critical.  Once you have this, successful prospectors take time to think through the strategy before swinging into action.  Good answers to well framed questions will enable you to focus your attention and channel your energies toward those prospects who represent your major selling opportunities.  To this end there are eight questions you need to have strong answers for.

  1. What do you Sell?
  2. Who is your customer?
  3. Who are your Non-Customers?
  4. Why do your Customers Buy?
  5. Why does your Customer Not Buy?
  6. Where is your prospect?
  7. When does your Customer buy?
  8. Who is your competition?


The Customer is ALWAYS right.  The customer makes their buying decision based on their PERCEPTION of what is BEST for them.  Your goal is to show them that there may be more than ONE version of what is best for them.  Position yourself, your Product / Service / Solution is the best choice given all the various factors involved.  This all starts with knowing, identifying and effectively communicating to your IDEAL prospects.


By Mark R. Steinke

Elite Business Coach

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania