I Keep Getting Interviews, But No Call Back

Is this happening to you? Are you looking for a new job or career?  Are you sending out resumes, getting some initial phone conversations, and even face to face interviews, but no calls back? I hear this often. In many cases the job and the candidate are a very good fit. Many times, the skills, duties, tasks, and responsibilities are things the you have done previously and done well. Many times, candidates will tell me they “aced” the interview, but then never got a call back. At this point I will ask them to go back and recap some of the questions.

Many times, this is what I find.

The interviewer is asking questions in their known and preferred language. The interviewee is hearing the questions and responding to them in their language. Both parties are hearing the other but not really understanding what is being said. If you have read some of my other articles you will know what I am talking about. If you have not, I am referring to the universal and silent language called DISC. This language is not taught in schools, yet it is the true key to communicating effectively. Learning how to communicate effectively with DISC while not hard, does require practice and discipline. Some candidates I speak with tell me they have taken a DISC assessment at some point in their career. I have yet to find anyone however who took a DISC assessment and was then trained in how to proactively use it to their advantage. Understanding your DISC style only accounts for half the equation. Knowing your own personal DISC is helpful. Learning how to use DISC proactively to your advantage is powerful.

Everyone is dominant in one area. Either D,I,S,C This area of dominance is the “language” we tend to speak in. Everyone falls into one of the four areas. This means that 75% of the population is different that you. 75% of the population communicates differently. Your message may be falling on “deaf ears” with 75% of the population

When looking for a job it is natural that you update you resume. You pour over it and agonize over all the details. How much time do you spend on “your message” How much time do you spend considering what you liked and disliked in your previous job. Often, we cannot put our finger on it. We just know we were unhappy. In many cases DISC can help you understand the why of a job. Do you spend time considering what the perfect environment and culture are for you next career or job?  DISC can help you identify the culture you will fit into.

I work with clients to help them find A More Perfect Career. This starts with DISC. The approach is unique. But there is science behind it and it works. If you are trying to figure out a way to start getting call backs, start communicating in the language that will be heard.

About the Author

With more than three decades of experience in all facets of sales, management, customer service, business growth, and staff coordination, Certified Career/Business Coach Greg Emslie is a focused professional with the tools to help you grow and manage your career in a manner that helps you to land A More Perfect Career.

Driven by his passion and ability to help you communicate more effectively, Greg will give you tools you need to formulate and deliver a clear, sharp, focused message that will allow you to land the “PERFECT JOB” and “PERFECT CAREER” Greg’s 3 step process will take you from confused and unsure to focused and confident in less than 10 days

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