How Small Businesses Can Compete Against Amazon

How Small Businesses can Compete Against Amazon
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In today’s ongoing pandemic environment, it can feel impossible to compete with larger companies. Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, known as the “Big 4”, now dominate most of the buying market. While it may seem that Amazon is destroying small businesses, it is still possible to compete against them. With a bit of innovative thought and strategic planning, your small consumer-driven company can continue to thrive. We’re sharing some smart tips on how to compete with Amazon


Establish Your Unique Selling Proposition

In today’s business environment, being unique is key. Yes, Amazon might sell almost everything, but they don’t sell everything. To compete with a company in the Big 4, consider offering something unique. Consider ways to increase your levels of differentiation and lower your uniformity. What can you offer that consumers can’t find anywhere else?


Perfect Your Logistics

From Apple to Uber, consumers have become accustomed to simplicity when it comes to purchasing and receiving their products and services. These larger companies have perfected their logistics. Instead of feeling like you can’t compete, learn from these big-box companies. Study their processes and see how they have made their logistics as simple as possible for the end-user. Then ask yourself, “What can I do to make my processes as simple and streamlined as possible for the consumer?”


Create an Easy-to-Use Website

A difficult-to-navigate or outdated website will prevent consumers from taking the kind of actions you want. With more and more people turning to online shopping, having an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly site is essential. In fact, the pandemic-related boost in online shopping resulted in an additional $174.87 billion in e-commerce revenue in 2020. 


Create a Consistent Brand Message

Branding is all about how you portray yourself to your consumers. Like a first impression, consistent branding is key to get a leg up on the competition. Companies with inconsistent branding are quickly marked as amateur and not taken nearly as seriously as their consistent competitors. From your website to your in-store aesthetic, your company’s branding should be a direct reflection of your products or services. When interacting as your brand, your customers should immediately be able to recognize you and understand what you have to offer them. Has your branding carried through from your store to your website, app, advertising, and social media? If not, it’s time to create some consistency throughout. 


Stay on Their Minds

The power of small, local businesses comes in the ability to get to know your customers on a more personal level. Take every opportunity to learn about their needs and personalities. The most successful companies leverage their customers’ behaviors to tailor messages and offers. From loyalty programs to birthday discounts, there are many ways to interact with your customers beyond their point of sale. What steps could you take to remain in the minds of your current customers?


Build Your Online Presence

Consumers like social media. In 2020, the average consumer had 8 social media profiles. Out of the almost 4 billion social media users in the world, the average person spends a little over 2 hours a day browsing social channels. If your company isn’t online, it should be. Customers will most likely look you up on social media, so it’s important to be where they are.  If you already use popular social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, you need to stand out in a sea of competition. Posting regularly, engaging with customers, and encouraging customer reviews can all benefit your business. 


Invest in Mobile Marketing

There are so many tools available to small businesses now. From Uber-style delivery companies to real-time scheduling apps, it’s important to research what is available in your industry and look at what your competition is utilizing. Finding partnerships that allow your customers to have a simpler purchasing experience will inevitably benefit your image and your bottom line.

Offer an Enticing Shipping Option

If you’re wondering, “How can I compete with Amazon?” try offering an enticing shipping incentive. Understandably, it’s impossible to compete with Amazon’s Prime shipping program. You’ll need to create a shipping incentive that works for you and your customer’s needs. Try offering first-time customers a discounted shipping option or reward current customers with free shipping. 


For many small business owners, it may seem like Amazon is destroying small businesses.  While competing with the largest e-commerce sites can be incredibly challenging, by creating a uniform strategy and leveraging all your resources, you’ll be able to develop your niche and uncover incredible success. For more smart business tips or to speak with a small business coach, connect with our team of professionals today!