How Leveraging the “Unknown Problem” Can Change Your Sales Strategy

How Leveraging the Unknown Problem Can Change Your Sales StrategyWhether you’re selling plumbing services, lumber, or a newly designed adhesive, most businesses share a common reality: customers must make purchases in order for the company to survive. But in a world where consumers’ options seem to be endless, how do you make your sales proposition stand out above the rest?

Understanding the Unknown Problem

It sounds mysterious, but the “unknown problem” is the one that the consumer is not yet aware of. Once your customers know that they have a problem, there is a sea of solutions to choose from. However, when presented with a previously unrecognized problem, you have the opportunity to provide the answer to their newfound woes.

Uncovering the Unknown Problem

The challenge is to find the right balance. After all, we definitely don’t promote unscrupulous or manipulative business behaviors. Instead, we encourage business owners to get to know their potential customers and how the business’s product or service plays into their customers’ everyday lives. Ask yourself where your customers face challenges that they simply let go each day. That’s where the unknown problems live.

Solving the Unknown Problem

Once you identify the unknown problems facing your customers, it’s time to find the solutions. How do your products or services play into those challenges? Do you have ready-made solutions for them, or could some of your products or services be tweaked slightly to address the need?

Selling the Solution to the Unknown Problem

Now that you’ve identified it and remedied it, it’s time to sell the solution for the unknown problem to potential customers. By crafting your sales message to alert your customers of the unknown problem, you set yourself out as an expert and the sole-provider of the solution they need.

All businesses face the struggle of how to increase sales and address consumer needs. The most successful businesses incorporate new tactics and ideas. They are flexible and innovative. However, many business owners become stuck in their ways or simply run out of ideas. If you feel as though you have tried it all and still aren’t experiencing the results you desire, it may be time to mobilize a partner who can help.

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