How Excellent Leaders Lead

Leadership is an Art as well as a Practice and Science.  The job of Leadership and Management is to get results through others.

There are different styles and roles that you, as a leader, have to take on in order to do and be what is needed in every situation to get maximum results.

The appropriate leadership style for maximum results depends on basically four things:

  1. The appropriate Leadership situation
  2. The Task – relevant Maturity of the subordinate
  3.  The Personality style of the subordinate
  4.  The type of Decision under discussion

The Leadership situation may involve you doing one of four things:

  1. Telling – which requires that you tell people what to do.  Mostly used with those with limited experience or when the situation is very clear and simple.
  2. Selling – where you have to sell your ideas.  We are all in sales and sometimes convincing others is the right style.
  3. Delegation – it is the only way to multiply your ability.  Remember Delegation is NOT Abdication.
  4. Participatory – One of the most powerful, yet time consuming.

Now with Task – Relevant delegation requires you the leader to understand the three task – relevant maturities.

  1. The person HIGH task – relevant maturity is thoroughly familiar with the work.
  2. MID task – relevant maturity refers to a person who has demonstrated competence at the job.
  3. LOW task – relevant maturity is when a person is brand new at the job.

Another area where different leadership styles are absolutely essential is with regard to different Personality styles.

Different styles requires different approaches.

  1. The Relator style is one who is introverted, inner self-directed, self-contained and very people-oriented.
  2. The Analyzer style find themselves in certain professions:  accounting, engineers, airline pilots and computer programmers.
  3. The Director personality, often the driver personality, is results – oriented, impatient and focused on getting results.
  4. The Socializer is people-oriented and very outgoing.

Lastly different decision making styles are also needed.  There are basically three decision making styles that a leader will deal with almost everyday.

  1. Command Decisions
  2. Consultative Decisions
  3. Consensus Decisions

A leader MUST make it clear with kind of decision is under consideration to avoid confusion or mis-trust.

You see the qualities of  the best leaders tend to be:

  1. Clarity – Leaders are absolutely clear with regard to expectations.
  2. Considerate – Leaders get along with their employees.  Hint. this is not agreeing with them, but treating them well
  3. Flexibility – using the right approach in the right situation to the right person


The biggest mistake a leader can make is treating everybody the way he / she thinks.


A leader needs to change leadership styles to be more effective in getting the most out of the team.


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