How Delegating Can Help Your Business Grow

delegating-for-business-growthMost leaders understand the significance of delegating, but just like many other aspects of business, it’s easier said than done. Your business is your pride and joy, so why would you trust others to handle the intricate features that make it successful? On the days that you feel overwhelmed with work and can’t find the time for lunch, you’ll wish some of the tasks on your plate were in the hands of a business partner or manager.

Business owners can still have a handle on their company while giving up a little control in certain departments. Entrusting your managers and team leaders with certain tasks can allow you to focus on the bigger picture—growing your company.


Choose the people you trust

Many people live by the mantra, ‘when you want something done right, do it yourself.’ However, you can’t do everything yourself in business and achieve continued success. When delegating, make sure you choose the right people for the job. Not only do you need to match up their skill set to the task at hand, but it is also important that you trust them to get it done. Otherwise, you may find yourself micromanaging or worrying about a project that you were meant to hand off; which can take your attention away from more important responsibilities.


Make the details of the task clear

When handing off projects or certain tasks to your employees, take the time to explain everything they need to know in detail. Make sure they understand the purpose and importance of the task, along with the effect it has on the company. You can also give examples or share any ideas you had in mind to get them going. Don’t assume your employees know what is expected of them. The more direction you give them, the better decisions they will make throughout the duration of the project. Making these details clear will save you both time in the long run and help avoid miscommunication.


Appoint check-in times

Whether you’re delegating a project that has a completion date or handing off an on-going responsibility, it’s okay to check in for updates. Set up meetings with the appointed leader of the task or project to go over their progress and answer any questions that may come up. This ensures that they are on the right track, and prevents a catastrophe if a project is completed and is far from what you envisioned. Although you want to give up some control, there’s nothing wrong with asking for an update every now and then so you’re always in the know.


Delegation is a leadership skill worth practicing. You don’t want to give away too much power; certain aspects of your job, like building your company’s culture and instating its values should not be delegated. Efficient delegation can allow your employees to feel trusted, generate a more productive workflow and free up some time for you to focus on key areas that will allow your business to grow.


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