“Help! This COVID – 19 thing is killing Our business.”

More than anytime in history Business Owners are facing issues that are beyond their control. Issues Business Owners are facing range from losing clients, decreasing revenues, employees not being able to work, Collecting Receivables, Cash flow, the Market, etc.

Today’s Business Owners need to have a 90 day plan on how they and their business is going to handle:

  •   Marketing in today’s uncertain market
  •   Selling
  •   Operationally delivering the product or service
  •  Supporting the Client
  •   Administration of the Business

For example, What is or can the Business sell or provide now that restrictions are in place?  What is the marketing message the Business needs to get out there to their prospects?  How will that message be delivered?  Is it time to market Brand?   Values?  New Services?

How will we deliver the new services or Products to our present clients or any new ones?  How do we ensure our clients understand our safety in delivering these services or products?

Basically a Business Owner today needs to be the best Business Person they have ever been!  Most Small Business Owners are great doers of the business who now happen to OWN the Business.  These Owners absolutely need a 90 day plan moving forward on the What, How, Why and When of their Business so their prospects, Clients, Vendors and Employees all know and pull together.

Seek Help in developing this plan if you do not have one.  Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania has highly Experienced Business Advisors and Coaches who can and will help you develop such a plan to save and drive your Business forward in turbulent times.

Call today to find out more and more importantly STAY SAFE, HEALTHY and FOCUSED during these uncertain times.

Thank you and Best to you

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania