Healthy Business, Healthy Relationships: How Busy Business Owners Can Make Time for Family

Being a successful business owner is chaotic and time consuming, but spending time with family should always be a priority. When you choose work over family, you’ll miss out on exciting life moments—making you resentful—and may create strained relationships, adding stress, unhappiness and unhealthiness to every facet of your life. Lucky for you, you don’t have to choose between spending time improving your business or hanging out with your family! Here are four tips for business owners, from the coaching business experts at FocalPoint, on how to make time for your family, so you can be the #1 boss AND the #1 parent and/or spouse.


The Early Bird Gets the Wonderful Benefit of Extra Family Time
You’ve probably read article after article about famous CEOs (think: Ellevate’s Sallie Krawcheck  and NIO USA’s former CEO Padmasree Warrior) waking up at 4:30 a.m. or earlier. And why is that? Because the earlier they start their day, during the hours that their family is still sleeping, the earlier they can get home in the evening, when their family is actually awake. So if you’re looking for that extra family time, try rolling back that alarm clock by an hour or two.


Schedule In Time to Spend With Your Family
Successful business owners have great time management skills, and because of this, every hour of their day is planned out and (most likely) packed. But if your goal is to make more time for your family, then you’re going to have to start making room for—and actually scheduling in—family-time. Whether that means scheduling in lunch with your significant other or attending your child’s school/sports events, planning it into your schedule will help keep you organized and accountable.  


Turn Business Trips Into Family Trips
For business owners who are required to frequently travel, finding time to spend with the family can seem impossible. If this is you, then it’s time to start combining the two! While your family may not be able to join in on every business trip because of school and other responsibilities, bringing them on one or two each year will be a step in the right direction. Not only will you all get to spend more time together, but it will also teach your kids important life skills, such as work ethic, balancing responsibilities and respecting the things in life that matter.


Increase Family Time By Decreasing Non-Core Tasks
There comes a time when business owners need to stop trying to do it all and start delegating tasks to their team. By delegating tasks, you’ll be making smart moves for both your business and your family. Not only will you have team members who will have strengths in areas you may not, but it also means you’ll have more time for family activities, which is the best part of it all.


Ready to make more time for your family, but don’t want to lose all of the hard work you’ve put into your business? Here at FocalPoint, our business coaches provide a variety of services, from teaching you how to stop wearing so many hats to tips for productivity and successful leadership, so you can be a Superboss AND a Superparent/spouse. Contact us today!