He is top in his Business yet his business is Priority 3 or 4? How?

Balance brings a competitive edge in Business.


See how this is proven in a recent New York Post article:  http://nypost.com/2017/07/25/jordan-spieth-girlfriend-kept-british-open-party-going/

Where Jordan Spieth, the reigning OPEN champion and owner of three of Golf Major titles applies balance to his winning.


“As Spieth continues his latest victory lap, the PGA prodigy has made it clear that golf will never take precedence over his personal life.

“My faith and then my family, and then after that, you know, this is what I love to do,” Spieth said during a post-tournament press conference.

When pressed about ranking the loves of his life, Spieth elaborated further.

“When you’re out there oftentimes you’re not thinking about stuff that’s more important to you and oftentimes it’s just the situation at hand. If you put things into perspective, absolutely. But unfortunately that didn’t come into my mind necessarily today and it probably should have and would have helped,” Spieth said.

“But, yeah, to answer your question, absolutely. [Golf is] not No. 1 in my life. And I’ll have a family of my own some day and that will be — golf will be fourth. So as of now, you know, my relationships I have with my best friends and my family and my girlfriend are second and golf’s third.”


As Business Owners it seem counter productive to not be Business / Career Driven at the expense of Financial, Relationships and Health.  But guess what?  Those who have applied this basic business principle of Balancing all four area:  Business / Career, Relationships, Health and Financial have a competitive edge in their business and WIN.

Are you ready to determine your Goal / Focal Point target in each area so that you and your business / Career thrive?


Written by:

Mark R. Steinke

Elite Business Coach

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania