Great Leaders must first master the art of Personal Leadership

To be a great leader, you must first master the art of Personal Leadership.  If you personal life is in disarray, you will not – cannot – capture the minds and hearts of your employees, your customers, your vendors and any other stakeholders in your business.

The Enemy Within

Leadership requires consistently high performance coupled with calm and clear mind and an ability to maintain a high degree of objectivity toward yourself and your business.  One great road block to operating at this level is STRESS

An important step toward becoming an authentic leader is to learn to successfully and gracefully manage eh inevitable stress that will come your way.

Seven Sources of Stress

When you learn how to identify and deal with sources of stress you will calmer, clearer, more positive and optimistic and much more capable of dealing with this issues in business that your employees, customers, vendors will respect, appreciate and be in Awe.

  1.  Worry
    • Worry Fogs the mind and can depress the immune system, threatening both your mental and physical health. A study about stress revealed 40% of what people worry about never happens, 30% are in the past and cannot be changed and 12% are groundless worries about health, 10% are petty worries about unimportant matters and of the remaining 8% half of these we have no control over.  This leaves 4% of the issues causing us to worry are addressable.
  2. Lack of Meaning
    • Lack of Purpose of meaning not clearly defined (Personal Vision, Mission and Purpose with Values) tends to drive lack of road map, goals, in life, business, etc.
  3.  The “Incomplete Action”
    • Procrastination is typically the driver for something not being completed and there by causing one to STRESS over it.
  4.  Fear of Failure
    • Fear of Failure is a conditioned response learned in childhood. Somehow we are bombarded with messages of be successful, do not fail if and when you did fail it was not treated as a learning issue and moving forward.  Almost ALL very successful people have failed multiple times and pushed forward.
  5.  Fear of Rejection
    • This manifests itself as a need for the approval of others.  Most often we take rejection personally to us vs. rejection of concepts, ideas, actions that are NOT 100% us.
  6.  Denial
    • This is NOT a river in Egypt!  This is when we refuse to acknowledge  and or face an unpleasant reality.  Look we all face serious mistakes, issues that owning up, addressing it and then working on it will always provide less STRESS and tremendous leadership portrayal.
  7.  Anger
    • The most destructive of all seven sources of STRESS is anger.  This negative emotion can destroy your team, your vendors, yourself.


Now that you know the sources of STRESS and Business Owners / Leaders need to show, develop and lead with strength and humility one needs to implement actions to address / resolve these STRESS sources.

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