G.O.S.P.A. = Results

goalIn this  article we will open you up to the powerful tool, you the Business Owner have, to ensure your Employees are Assets and NOT Liabilities by implementing, ensuring organizational alignment and focus occurs.

This article will have actionable, valuable information on how to ensure your employee(s) are engaged, and are performing so you can develop them as they operate your Business allowing you to Work ON your business vs. IN it.

Interested? Read on.

Again referring to Verne Harnish, Author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits mastering your firm’s top priorities for employees will provide:

  1. Alignment to Goals
  2. Focus on the right things
  3. Ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction

The organization with too many priorities has NO priorities. This article will articulate the need for management to clearly outline to employees up to five important priorities that must be addressed so the company goes to the next level.

Establishing a planning context for your company’s top 5 priorities and the top 1 of your 5 is critical. A strategy session with your leadership team to determine your annual then your Quarterly G.O.S.P.A. is critical. Goals, Objectives, Strategy, Plans and Actions of your top five priorities for the year

Listen, if determining these priorities ae not given you heartburn, frustration or discomfort you probable have NOT zeroed in on the right set of priorities.   Start looking at the big elephant in the room. What is it that if you tackled, slayed or managed better would drive your business to success? Of these which is the number 1 priority right now?

I’ll share with you seven common leading priorities from the Verne Harnish master piece book: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits to get you started on identifying yours.

  1. Not Big Enough to compete
  2. We Lack a key player
  3. The economic engine is broken
  4. Someone else is controlling our destiny
  5. We need a war chest to compete (higher revenues / profits)
  6. We need to grow
  7. We’ve got to scale back or we won’t survive

Each of these examples are Big Elephants that you may be experiencing. Find your top 5. Of the top 5 choose the top 1. Why?

So you can then do the most important work which is to create a G.O.S.P.A (Goals, Objective, Strategy, Plan and Actions) document so you can communicate this to all employees at all levels. Then you need to have your management team and or employees develop their specific actions that they can do to drive the results obtaining or achieving the top 1 and ultimately top 5 priorities.

A management tool to help you with this is the G.O.S.P.A. document or as some call it a Management accountability Plan. If you need a template you can contact me anytime.

Identifying your priorities, communicating them to the organization while holding all employees accountable to actions to drive these priorities will provide you with Employees who are Assets NOT Liabilities.

Now if you need training, help or assistance setting up this up, implementing it and accountability following it I recommend you work with a Business Coach.

Remember getting this right, taking the correct time and quality will provide dividends to your business.

When this happens you know you have…

“EMPLOYEES who are ASSETS and not Liabilities.”