From Technician to CEO: Shifting Your Mindset for Business Success

From Technician to CEO- Shifting Your Mindset for Business SuccessLet’s face it – most of us did not become entrepreneurs because of our business expertise. Many small business owners became entrepreneurs because they had a specific skill, trade, or passion they wanted to persue. Over years of hard work, they developed certain expertise within their field, and they wanted to share it with the world on their own terms.

However, now that you are the owner of a developing company, a major shift in your mindset has to occur for you to achieve business success. You must shift your mentality from that of a technician towards that of a CEO.

Understanding the Mindset of a Technician

Regardless of whether the term technician, employee, or simply worker fits best with your role leading up to now, the mindset is the same. A technician is responsible for doing. You are provided targets or tasks, and you work to get the job done. You are in the trenches and get your hands dirty, so to speak.

As you grow in your technician role, other team members look to you for advice on how to get the work done quickly and efficiently. You likely oversee other employees as you develop into a manager, but your focus is always on the work. You think about how to increase the quality of the product or service, and you are on the front lines of customer service. You play an invaluable role within the company.

Understanding the Mindset of a CEO

As a CEO, you are the leader of the company. Instead of focusing on the specifics of the job, you are ensuring your employees have jobs to fill. You are responsible for guiding the direction of the company, so it continues to grow and thrive.

As you grow in your role as a CEO, you become comfortable delegating and rely heavily on your managers for the daliy operation of the business. You no longer manage the employees, but instead oversee the managers. While you are always visible and interested in the wellbeing of your employees and customers, you aren’t engaging them in the ongoing way you used to; now you have a reliable team to handle those roles. You are now responsible for the “big picture” strategy, an crucial role for a healthy company.

Shifting Your Mindset from Technician to CEO

Many small business owners never actually become CEOs; they only masquerade as such. To begin making the shift, you must first recognize your bias towards the technical aspects of your business and actively choose to put an equal amount of effort into learning the business skills you need. It’s incredibly challenging to take the first steps away from the daily operations, so you can work on your business instead of working in it. However, it’s essential for the future of your company.

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