Franchisor Differentiation

Greeting Franchisors!

According to the 7th of July 2020 article “Top Five Challenges Facing Franchise Owners today” written by Romana Smith (, challenges 2 and 3 are:  “Untrusting franchisees and Finding the right Franchisees.”

How can a Franchisor over come and differentiate their Brand, their Business, their Opportunity and provide a greater path to success for their Franchisees?

I contend that all Pro systems, process, methods and proven business works, but what would over come the untrusting and increasing the quality of their franchisee?

My view is Business skills needed in addition ability to operate the proven system.  Look Franchisee still need to take what the Franchisor offers / provides and run their new Franchisee with Business skills such as Business planning, projections, Revenue growth Strategies, Delegation, etc.  How are the new franchisees obtaining these skills?  Is the franchisor assessing their new franchisee for these?

I suggest Franchisors would be well ahead of all competition if they offered Business Coaching services as part of buying their franchise.  Providing Business Coaching skills in addition to your proven methodology, operations, etc. will ensure success for your franchisee, eliminate or severely reduce untrusting and increase qualify of franchisees as well as INCREASE Sales!

For more information Franchisors, reach out to Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania today!