Field a Winning Team in Business

6 Ways a Boss Can Show Appreciation for Employees

Why is it that some people in some organizations perform better and get better results with limited resources?

Stanford University has been studying top executives for many years.  The top three qualities of exceptional leaders are:

  1. The ability to deal with a crisis when it occurs.
  2. The ability to function as part of a team.
  3. The most respected managers / leaders in all businesses are the very best team leaders.

As a leader of teams, building a winning team requires:

  1.  Tremendous discernment in selecting team members.
  2. Performing Clear Coaching & People Focus
  3.  Ensuring Planning and Selective player assignments occur
  4. Providing supportive interactions & commitment to Excellence

Fielding a winning team in business requires leaders to ensure they perform the above thereby creating Synergy, Teamwork and Empowerment while ensuring Leader provides clarity in all communication while putting their people in roles that focus on their strengths.

All team members need to understand the Goals/Objectives, Plans/Actions required for success.  Winning organizations communicate clear goals/plans while selecting team members according to their strengths and showing them how this translates into the results.

During this process there will always be feedback and plenty of discussion regarding what is going on.  The most powerful organization ensure open, honest communication with respect for each other’s ideas, thoughts, etc.

Your job as a leader of an organization is to structure the work, give people the support, the resources, the information, the knowledge, the encouragement and the environment necessary to WIN!

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