Entrepreneurial Growth Course – Proven Concepts & Principles for Sustained Growth

Would you like to grow your business?  Improve Profits?  Increase Sales?  Do you have a Plan in Place?  Are you struggling in today’s market?  Could your Business perform better?

Never in history have business OwnGers needed to know MORE and do MORE to be successful!

The Knowledge and disciplines necessary to build a sustainable profitable competitive business while being in full control has never been more challenging.

To ensure you and your business experiences growth, higher profits, more sales, MORE control of your time and business as well as teaching you and implementing with you 8 proven fast paced implementable business principles join Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania’s Entrepreneurial Growth Course.

The eight powerful Business principles to be taught and driven in your business over 8 weeks Zoom Meeting are:

  1.  Behavioral Style communication
  2. Business Metrics that increase profits
  3.  Beat the Competition
  4.  Build a successful plan
  5.  Goal Execution & Performance Mindset
  6.  Time Management
  7.  Delegation
  8. Sales & Marketing

The Classes start Friday 2nd of October and are every Friday from 8:15 AM to 10:00 AM ending on 20th of November 2020.

For more information reach out to Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania at:  1.610.768.7774 and ask for Mark or email: [email protected]