Do Small Business’s really need to plan?

So, you started a business awhile back and it is going well.   Your customers have increased, your revenue has increased, but so has the issues you seem to always have to deal with increased.


There is a strong correlation between those experiences and your lack of Yearly or 90-day operating plan for your business.  Without a 90-day GOSPA (Goals/Objective, Strategy, Plan and Actions) document that drives your Marketing, Sales, Operational delivery, Administration and Client Support areas of your business your day-to-day decisions on what to do, when to do it, how to do and why do it are based on what?????  Your feelings at the time?  Your employee’s availability to deliver?

Successful Business owners ensure every period of time (Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania recommends every 90 days), the business has a document outlining the Goals, Objectives, Strategy, Plans / Actions that need to be carried out in the Business for the success of the business.

Of course, during the time frame, you can modify this plan as major shifts or unexpected items arise.  But without such a GOSPA for your business it is like driving a car to unknown location without GPS.  You may get there, you may not, you may spend way too much time, money, energy, frustration, etc.

Are you they type of Business Owner who wants the peace of mind and course laid out for you and your business to follow?  If so, let’s talk so one our Business Coaches can outline with you how a 2024 90 Day GOSPA can provide you with higher degree of success and peace of mind while you WORK ON your business VS. IN your business.