Customer Service Fuels the Sales Engine

A Business Owner business’s ability to satisfy its customers is the critical determinant of success in driving sales and growing the business.

One significant strategy is growing your sales is to sell more to your present customers.  Get them to buy more or get them to buy something new in addition to what they normally buy.

There are Four levels of Customer satisfaction to be successful.  As you can see from the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon too often none of these four are satisfied in this incident:

  1.  Meet Customer Expectation
  2.  Exceed Customer Expectation
  3.  Delight your Customers
  4.  Amaze your Customers

Have you ever been treated the same way as Calvin’s mom? Did you let others know your experience?

If you have a business and do not have a Process, System that your People needs to follow to ensure every customer is Delighted or Amazed, then let’s talk.

Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania can develop such for your business.