Create your dream Job!

You’re at a crossroads

You’re an experienced business professional. A leader. You have skills and insights that others can benefit from. You have the drive to succeed – on your own, without limitations of working for someone else.

Now is the time to take your leadership skills to the next level, pursuing what many other successful executives have. It is time to consider becoming a Focal Point Business Coach.

With Focal Point, you can call your own shots, set your own course. You can be independent professional with your own lucrative business. You can share your experiences and skill set to make a difference in the lives of others – all while bringing new purpose, prestige and rewards to your own life.
Focal Point offers a unique life-changing opportunity for qualified individuals.


What is Focal Point?

Focal Point is an elite group of Certified Business Coaches and Trainers operating around the world. We offer proven Coaching and exclusive content to business owners, self-employed professionals, business executives, and their teams. We are committed to business improvement and serving our local communities and regions.

As a Focal Point Franchisee, you will OWN your own business, while receiving support, training, and mentorship from Focal Point and your fellow Business Coaches. Focal Point will provide the brand and multi-level support to help you become established faster. We will also provide the proven curriculum, course materials and processes to help you grow and establish your business.

With Focal Point you will have the opportunity to: Own your Business, Control your Future, Join other successful, passionate professionals, and change lives, while changing your own!


Is Focal Point right for you?

Focal Point Business Coaching is not for everyone. We know it takes exceptional leaders who want to own their own business, are willing to learn, work hard and invest the effort, to succeed as a Business Coach. It also takes the right entrepreneurial mindset to be effective at what we do.

If you are that person, then Focal Point has much to offer you.


Are you Right for Focal Point?

We are looking for exceptional leaders with the entrepreneurial mindset. People who want to own their own business, and who are willing to learn, work hard and invest the effort to succeed.

Leadership Experience – You’ve had a professional career with substantial business experience as middle to senior executive, manager, or professional salesperson in a position of leadership and responsibility. If you have ever managed a group of people, or helped a colleague resolve a problem, you have coaching experience.

Communication Skills – You have presented your ideas and sold your concepts to people and management teams. You have demonstrated and understand the importance being a good listener, and that good questions can be more important that good answers.

Confidence – You have been successful in what you’ve done and are not afraid to take on new challenges and learn new things. You welcome the opportunity to expand and stretch your competencies knowing these ae the essences of success.

Perseverance – you don’t quit! You never give up and are laser focused on your goals. Where others see problems, you see opportunities and are able to adapt and change where necessary to achieve your goals.


This is A Business Opportunity, NOT A JOB

Focal Point offers you the opportunity to own your own business. As a potential Focal Point Business Coach, you must be comfortable with the idea, and the responsibilities of Business Ownership. THIS IS NOT A JOB! This is a franchise opportunity that requires initial and ongoing investment. Funding options are available.


You have a decision to make

Are you interested in joining the Focal Point Team? Are you willing to invest thirty minutes on your future?

Contact us at: [email protected] or call Mark R. Steinke at: 1.610.768.7774 or visit us at: