Confidence, Competence and Charisma

Business Ownership is NOT for everyone, although many want to own their own business.  What is stopping them?  What do they need to be successful?  There are the basic skills needed that business schools will teach – Marketing, Sales, Operations, Strategy, Management, Financial, Communication, etc.  However even if you have all those skills your success is NOT guaranteed.

To be truly successful requires not only the basic business skills listed above, It also requires Confidence, Competence and Charisma.  Without the three C’s driving those basic business skills success will be a challenge.  Your potentials, Your clients, Your Employees, and Your strategic alliances all need feel you are successful.  They want you to have what it takes, to have a sound strategy / plan and to have the “it” to make it work.

All of that is Confidence, Competence and Charisma.


Confidence is defined as:  “Belief in one self, and one’s powers and abilities, self-confidence, self-reliance and assurance” –

Competence is defined as:  “the quality of being competent.  adequacy, possession of required skills, knowledge, qualifications and capacity” –

Charisma is defined as:  “personal quality that gives a person influence / authority” –


Are you a Business Owner struggling to grow your business?  Are you a Business Owner working ON your business?  Are you working to LIVE or Living to WORK?

Are you someone searching for that Business Ownership Opportunity?  Do you want build wealth?  Are you Confident, Competent and Charismatic?


As stated in the beginning, Business Ownership is NOT for everyone.  Only the few who believe and can demonstrate the three C’s.


Have a successful, profitable week!