Comparison of Leaders vs. Managers


Simple Stated:  Which are you?

Leaders Tend to:

  • Stress relationships with others, values and commitment – the emotion and spiritual aspects of the organization.
  • Create and articulate a vision of what the organization could achieve in the long run.
  • Move the organization in new directions – being unsatisfied with maintaining the status quo.
  • Empower people to act on their own to achieve objectives.
  • Favor taking risks and making changes.
  • Generate a feeling of meaning in work – its value and importance.
  • Frequently think strategically.
  • Have an insatiable passion to continuously develop themselves – eager to learn.

Managers Tend to:

  • Stress organization, coordination, and control of resources (e.g. plant, equipment, and people).
  • Focus on the achievement of short term objectives and goals.
  • Concentrate on maximizing results from existing functions and systems.
  • Insist that people check with him/her on every detail before act.
  • Fear uncertainty and act cautiously.
  • Enforce fulfillment of agreements.
  • Seldom think strategically.
  • Tend not to push themselves to learn new things.