Closing The Sale. No Pressure!!

Over many years in the sales profession I have heard from many people about why they “could not be in sales” One of the main reasons I have heard over the years is “I cannot be high pressure”. Most often they look surprised when I tell them “neither can I”. The days of high pressure selling is over. No one likes to be pressured. In fact, over the years I have watched time and time again the high-pressure sales person get an order, maybe even 2 orders only to lose the customer when the incumbent supplier came back. Why is this? People make decisions for their reasons not yours. Remember that. When someone makes a decision, it becomes personal to them. If someone comes back to them later questioning why they made the decision they made, they are questioning that person’s integrity. No one wants to have their integrity called into question. So how do we get a prospect to that point? If you have been following along with my articles you will know that we are now at the closing stage of the sales process. This is the part that many people get sweaty palms about. So, at this point relax. If you have been doing your job all along this part will flow and your prospect will become a new customer. Remember no high pressure!!

As you have been going through the process you have been asking a lot of questions. You have determined what the needs are that your prospect has. Likewise, you have been watching his body language as he has asked you questions. You feel you are now in a good spot. To move to a place where you can get agreement ask one more question. Mr. Customer do you have any other questions or concerns at this point. If the answer is no, INVITE the customer to try the product.

Another technique used effectively by professionals is ASSUMING the customer is going to say yes. This position shifts the focus away from yes/no to visualizing ownership if the product. Ask a question about any final concerns. If the answer is no, Well then Mr. Prospect the next step is…..

In many cases the prospect does not want to be limited by one choice. In this case after asking your final question about questions or concerns, go right into the ALTERNATIVE/PREFERENCE close. Well Mr Prospect would you prefer this in the blue or red. Sometime if there are no choices between products you can offer choices between terms or delivery dates etc.

Lastly the INCREMENTAL close is effective when the decision is a large one. Allowing you prospect to make small incremental yes decisions along the way gets the prospect to slowly take ownership of the decision one small step at a time. Would you like the standard rims or the sport rims? Do you prefer wooden pallets or plastic pallets?

Effective closing is not about pressuring a prospect to decide. It is more about allowing the prospect to visualize how life will be better after he has made that decision. And remember for those of you selling a product or service that is reoccurring getting the prospect to the point where they make the decision on their terms will keep you competitors at bay when they find out they have lost the business.

About the Author

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