Do Small Business’s really need to plan?

How A Business Coach Can Help Grow Your Small Business

So, you started a business awhile back and it is going well.   Your customers have increased, your revenue has increased, but so has the issues you seem to always have to deal with increased. Why? There is a strong correlation between those experiences and your lack of Yearly or 90-day operating plan for your business.  […]

Simple Small Business Business Plan

Business Owner

The Small Business Guide to Developing a Strategic Business Plan – It is Simple if You Know What to Include   Did you know that 50 percent of businesses fail within the first five years of opening their doors? However, the chances of a business surviving long-term increases significantly if it has a strategic business plan in […]

Small Business Trends to Keep On Your Radar in 2022

2022 Small Business Trends

2021 is quickly coming to an end, and before we know it, 2022 will be here. 2021 was another year where the United States economy and small businesses everywhere worked hard to regain some type of normalcy since the pandemic began. Throughout the disruptions, we saw several small business trends and ideas emerging that will […]

What are your Business driving forces?

Leave No Stone Unturned A hallmark of leadership is a relentless commitment to the truth.  The Business Owner determined to achieve high levels of success leaves no stone unturned in their efforts to understand the realities of their business and the environment in which it operates.   To the extent possible, the Business Owner bases their […]

3 Ways to Expand Your Company’s Potential

3 Ways To Expand Company's Potential

Whether your business is a fresh new startup or has been established for numerous years, a key goal for all successful companies revolves around expansion. Finding ways to grow business can seem like a daunting task at first, but there are an endless number of ways to achieve exponential growth if you put your mind […]

Can A Business Coach Help Your Franchise Thrive?

Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson, president and CEO of FocalPoint Business Coaching, explains the benefits franchisees can reap from hiring a business coach. Why should a franchise owner consider working with a business coach? When you purchase a franchise, you are also purchasing the built-in support from your franchisor in areas like sales, marketing and training. However, as […]

Business Problems That Plague: How to See Them, How to Solve Them

How To Resolve Problems Within Your Business

As a business owner or as an executive, you are one busy person. You can make good decisions and get things done. But somehow, you have problems like those employees who always seem to wait for you to tell them to get started. Here are some more. See if any sound familiar: Customers continue to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Motivational Sales Kickoff Themes for 2020

Boost Efficiency and Accountability

A new year is about to begin, is your sales team motivated to begin all the new projects? If your answer is no, or that they’re a little burned out, then you should try to kick off your new campaigns with a sales kickoff theme meeting.  Sales kickoff meetings help to motivate your team so […]

Every Business Experiences Competition… And This Is A Good Thing

If you’re thinking of starting – or are currently growing – the business of your dreams, you aren’t alone. In fact, over 627,000 small businesses* start up every year! This is great for job creation and the overall economy, but you might be worried about competitors overshadowing you in such a large market. -* Small […]