Never Make a Cold Call Marketing

Danny Creed, International Master Business Coach and Executive Coach, and a colleague of mine has a tremendous Marketing concept that works!  In Danny’s book “Champions Network: Champions Never Make Cold Calls”, he outlines a Marketing strategy, with a Plan and Activities that generate success. How do I know that?  I followed it exclusively in my […]

How to Become a Business Coach

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Business coaching is a fantastic career choice if you love working with people. And NOW is the best time to consider a change. Business coaching is a huge $11 Billion industry, growing at a blistering pace of 5.6% a year. Now YOU can join this booming industry. That’s because, with the right training and […]

Free Golf Clinic

Invitation: You and a Friend are invited to a FREE Sand / Bunker and Putting Golf Clinic with Golf Professional – Rich Steinmetz from SpringFord Country Club This event is limited so RSVP quickly to hold your spot Date: 14th of June 2019 Time: 10:00 to 11:30 Noon Lunch: 11:30 to 12:30 pm Lunch Agenda: […]

Business Value and Personal Wealth

Event description Description CREATE MAXIMUM BUSINESS VALUE AND BUILD PERSONAL WEALTH SEATING IS LIMITED. RSVP by 7/26 – Bring a friend or a spouse. MONTHLY WORKSHOP TOPIC How Do You Create Maximum Business Value and Build Personal Wealth in Preparation for a Life Changing Sale Or Succession? Expert Advice from … **A Mergers and Acquisition […]

Attorneys. Is Career Change Possible?

In the interest of transparency, I want to be upfront and say that I am not an attorney and have never been one. I have never “walked a mile in your shoes”.  However, as a Career Coach that spends time working with Attorneys it seems many struggle with the same issues and fight the same […]

Make it a two-way interview: 40 questions to ask during your next interview

6 Common Sales Mistakes Every Salesperson Should Avoid

The modern day interview has evolved tremendously from what it used to be. Gone are the days of sitting on the other side of an imposing interviewer sitting behind a huge desk with a significantly-raised chair. Nowadays, candidates are interviewing the companies just as much as they themselves are being interviewed. And why not? The […]

The Entrepreneurial Eyes

The Entrepreneurial perspective is one where the business is started with the Business in mind.  How does it look?, How it should act, How it does what it is intended to do.  What is the Business Model, Methodology, Process, People and Technology needed to make the business work?  You see most people who go into […]

Communicate Effectively. Land that job by Highlighting your Benefits

Understanding Your 3 Business Goals

Features, Advantages, Benefits. For many of us that have been involved in sales this describes what we do daily. We FAB the product. For those that are not in sales this may be a foreign concept. No matter what your profession when it comes to The Job Search, The Resume, The Interview, even the most […]

I Keep Getting Interviews, But No Call Back

Is this happening to you? Are you looking for a new job or career?  Are you sending out resumes, getting some initial phone conversations, and even face to face interviews, but no calls back? I hear this often. In many cases the job and the candidate are a very good fit. Many times, the skills, […]