Field a Winning Team in Business

Why is it that some people in some organizations perform better and get better results with limited resources? Stanford University has been studying top executives for many years.  The top three qualities of exceptional leaders are: The ability to deal with a crisis when it occurs. The ability to function as part of a team. […]

Great Leaders must first master the art of Personal Leadership

To be a great leader, you must first master the art of Personal Leadership.  If you personal life is in disarray, you will not – cannot – capture the minds and hearts of your employees, your customers, your vendors and any other stakeholders in your business. The Enemy Within Leadership requires consistently high performance coupled […]

5 Key Leadership Tips for New Managers

People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses. As a new manager, it’s your responsibility to inspire and motivate employees. Your team expects you to provide constructive feedback and reward hard work. It’s a daunting responsibility. Forbes reports that nearly 60 percent of managers didn’t receive any training before taking on this role. They were promoted […]

Seven Secrets of Managerial Success

Success in Business or in your Career requires effective ability to manage.  Managing your organization, Managing your Resources, Managing basically everything. Whether you are a Business Owner or an employee managing or leading an organization, you should twice a year reflect on you and remind yourself why you are on the payroll! Determining your key […]

Create your dream Job!

How To Find Your Dream Job

You’re at a crossroads You’re an experienced business professional. A leader. You have skills and insights that others can benefit from. You have the drive to succeed – on your own, without limitations of working for someone else. Now is the time to take your leadership skills to the next level, pursuing what many other […]

8 Intangibles Benefits of Business Ownership

8 Benefits of Business Ownership

Are you ready for Business Ownership?  If so, let’s discuss the INTANGIBLES of Business Ownership. The unexpected benefits that most people really want and value but seldom prioritize or plan into their business ownership decision are: 1.  Income Based on Impact A big mind shift from Hourly wages or salary, 401K, etc. to the idea […]

The Ultimate Guide to Motivational Sales Kickoff Themes for 2020

Boost Efficiency and Accountability

A new year is about to begin, is your sales team motivated to begin all the new projects? If your answer is no, or that they’re a little burned out, then you should try to kick off your new campaigns with a sales kickoff theme meeting.  Sales kickoff meetings help to motivate your team so […]