Business Ownership opportunity for Sale

Business Owner

If you are a successful executive looking for that next opportunity in your life and or career, take a look at my Area Representative Business with Focal Point Coaching for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I have been operating two businesses since March 2014. One is a Business Coaching Business where I coach Small Business Owners […]

Employee vs. Business Owner – Which one is for you?

Being your own Boss is a great option for many people, especially experienced business people who have a clear picture of what they want and how they intend to achieve it.  There has never been a better time to start, grow and enjoy your own business. Both being an employee and being a business owner […]

Repost of “5 Common Misconceptions about Franchising”

This is an article posted by one of my vendors, Franfund – who provides excellent services.  You can copy and paste the link to the article or read it below:   You’re likely familiar with franchising. Franchises are a cornerstone of the American economy, employing millions of people and generating hundreds of billions of […]

Franchisor Differentiation

Greeting Franchisors! According to the 7th of July 2020 article “Top Five Challenges Facing Franchise Owners today” written by Romana Smith (, challenges 2 and 3 are:  “Untrusting franchisees and Finding the right Franchisees.” How can a Franchisor over come and differentiate their Brand, their Business, their Opportunity and provide a greater path to success […]

Business Skills for Franchise Owners

Owning your own business is an exciting, challenging, rewarding and scary situation.  Buying a franchise vs. starting a business from scratch is an excellent option for the new Business Owner. A Franchisor who is selling you and teaching you their PROVEN and OPERATING MPPT (Business Model / Methodology, Processes, People and Technology) solution is exactly […]

“Franchisees do not have the skills to properly operate a franchise”

According to Franchise Help article: the number one reason franchisee’s fail is: “It can be difficult for a franchisee lacking the required business skills to successfully operate the franchise.” Buying a Franchise business is a great opportunity however franchisor and franchisees need to figure out how to ensure the new franchise owner has Business […]

Managing Emotions in Business, Sports and Life

Yes successful Leaders, Golfers, and those in Business, besides having the requisite skills, have one strong common ability,  It is they have learned how to manage their Emotions. They difference between being Good / Great at what you do and being Excellent / Superb at what you do is how you manage your emotions.  Thousands […]

Considerations for Business Owners NOW and Post-Lockdown

Top 100 Classic Yogi Berra Quotes

“Consumer behavior could be changed forever by the online world of contactless commerce.” according to McKinsey & Company Beyond Coronavirus:  The path to the next normal This bring up a multitude of areas Business owners need to address.  Thinking a Business Owner can just “open up” when allowed and everything will go back to “normal” […]

How to Become a Business Coach

Business Coaching Chalkboard

Business coaching is a fantastic career choice if you love working with people. And NOW is the best time to consider a change. Business coaching is a huge $11 Billion industry, growing at a blistering pace of 5.6% a year.   Now YOU can join this booming industry. That’s because, with the right […]