Pareto’s Law for your Business.

Pareto’s Law Vilfredo Pareto was a 19th Century Italian economist and sociologist, known for his application of mathematics to economic analysis and for his theory of the “circulation of elites.” His first work, “Cours d’Economie Politique” (1896-97) included his famous Law of Income Distribution, a complicated mathematical formulation in which he attempted to prove that […]

Styles of Coaching for every kind of Client

Do you remember the Push Me-Pull You, the fantastic two-way creature from the “Doctor Doolittle” stories?  The “Push” style of coaching (also called Directive) gives instructions or directions. Coaches need to give clients a little push, offering clear answers or show them how to perform certain skills or ask some tough questions in order to keep […]

SBA Thrive Portland Maine Business Owners

Congratulations to the Portland Maine SBA Thrive Growing your Business Participants / Business Owners for a tremendous 3-hour coaching session Thursday. It is very obvious why this group of SBA Thrive Co-horts are in the top ten around the country. If you can do check out their websites or businesses. 1. Jynx Production LLC – […]

The Tri-lateral Leadership Ledger – Character, Task and Relationships

I am reading a tremendous book on leadership by Chris Brady and Orwin Woodward: “Launching a Leadership Revolution”.  Here is a brief summary of chapter 4: “The Trilateral Leadership Ledger”. This approach to leadership can be boiled down to the quote in the chapter by Authors Mark Beliles ad Stephen .McDowell: “You must rule yourself […]

My Decision to be a Business Owner vs. an Employee

Wow how time flies? I know according to the laws of the universe, time does not go faster the older I get, but it sure seems like it does…. Anyway 8 years ago this month I decided to leave a very safe, Global VP level role with over 200 employees to start a new business. […]


What do you think of when you hear or see BYOB? Bring Your Own Beer? Bring Your Own Booze? Bring Your own Beverage? According to Wikipedia: ” BYOB is stated on an invitation to indicate that the host will not be providing alcohol and that guests should bring their own. Some restaurants and business establishments (especially in […]

Do a Pre-Mortem in your Business

Abraham Lincoln himself said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” He knew the importance of essential planning and preparation in a project before it started in earnest. Performing a premortem is the business equivalent of Lincoln’s axe sharpening and it’s absolutely essential if […]

Field a Winning Team in Business

Why is it that some people in some organizations perform better and get better results with limited resources? Stanford University has been studying top executives for many years.  The top three qualities of exceptional leaders are: The ability to deal with a crisis when it occurs. The ability to function as part of a team. […]

Top Questions to Ask Your Business Coach

Top Questions to Ask Your Business Coach

  Sometimes, your path towards success on your professional journey can be bumpy or uncertain. If you’re having trouble discovering your way or moving forward in your career, hiring a business coach can help you get on the right track. A skilled business coach has the tools and expertise to get you where you want […]