Covid-19 Changed Everything. What Advertising Changes Should You Be Making Now?

Let’s take an updated look at how marketers and consumers are dealing with the current health crisis. The coronavirus and its effects on consumers and businesses are changing daily. How should you change your marketing plans to cope? New Research There has been a clear shift toward digital advertising during the COVID-19 pandemic, and advertisers […]

How Customer Sales and Marketing Behaviors Changed During COVID-19

There is ample evidence that customer behavior has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But what changes are CMOs seeing and when do they anticipate these behaviors to return to what they once were, if at all? A special edition of The CMO Survey [pdf] takes a look at these and other timely questions. The May 2020 survey […]

Does Your Company Lack The Right Foundation for Consumer Trust? Find Out Here

Building Blocks of Consumer Trust In Brands

The majority of Americans say they do not have much (29%) or any (25%) trust that corporate America will do what is right. Yet about three-quarters (74%) say they trust individual brands to deliver consistently on what they promise, and more than half say that a brand has to do something wrong before they lose […]

What your free email address says about your business

Why You Shouldn't Use A Free Email Address For Business

I can’t tell you how many businesses I come across these days that still use free email services. A company might be (very professionally) named something like “Intergalactic Nuclear Consultants & Associates,” and their website might look great at, but their corporate email addresses are [email protected]. Intergalactic, really? Yeah right. More likely lost in […]

How to Write a Vision Statement

A vision statement reveals the highest visions of what your company hopes to achieve in the future. This also provides a way for stakeholders in your company and your employees, to understand the meaning and purpose of your business. According to Forbes, employees who find their company’s vision meaningful have engagement levels of 68 percent. […]

How Delegating Can Help Your Business Grow

Most leaders understand the significance of delegating, but just like many other aspects of business, it’s easier said than done. Your business is your pride and joy, so why would you trust others to handle the intricate features that make it successful? On the days that you feel overwhelmed with work and can’t find the […]

How To Compete in an Amazon-Style World and Thrive

How To Compete in an Amazon-Style World and Thrive

In today’s consumer environment, it can feel as though it’s impossible to compete with the big players, such as Amazon.  And in all actuality, this is a major threat for many traditional small business owners.  However, with a bit of innovative thought and strategic planning, even small consumer-driven companies can continue to thrive.  Here are […]

One Element Required to Grow your Business!

Without a prospect, there can be no sale!  A well conceived marketing plan is the way you attract prospects.  Too many small and medium business owners just allow “marketing stuff” to happen vs. developing a thoughtful, written, actionable marketing plan. REMEMBER.  Marketing is to attract prospects!.  Prospects turn into Leads.  Leads turn into potential clients […]

Understanding The 5 Emotions That Drive Your Customers

Understanding the 5 emotions that drive buying behaviors

We like to believe that we all make decisions based upon logic, but the truth of the matter is that we are more likely to be driven by emotion when it comes to making purchases. By understanding the emotions that motivate your customers, you are able to incorporate initiatives and programs to create an even […]

Where to Begin: Social Media Tactics for the Small Business Owner

Social Media Tactics for the Small Business Owner

When you’re running a small (and growing) business, you wear many different hats. From HR director to CEO, you simultaneously function in more roles than your corporate counterparts could ever imagine. As you shift from owner to marketing coordinator, you are faced with one of the biggest question marks of all: how do I market […]