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Business Owner

If you are a successful executive looking for that next opportunity in your life and or career, take a look at my Area Representative Business with Focal Point Coaching for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I have been operating two businesses since March 2014.

One is a Business Coaching Business where I coach Small Business Owners who want MORE. MORE profits, MORE time, MORE revenue and MORE peace of mind while working ON their business vs. IN their business.

My second business is the Area Representative rights for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Focal Point Coaching. Who and what is Focal Point coaching?

Focal Point Coaching is foundationally a business coaching organization not a franchise sales organization.  However, Focal Point Coaching needs to leverage franchise selling to bring the best people onboard. People do not join Focal Point for Modules or training; they come onboard to build a business and make money.  Culture is critical. People who join Focal Point must align with our culture. Everyone is different but similar in many ways. Culture is one of those ways

Focal Point’s Culture consists of:

Legacy:  Every day I impact the world in a positive way. My actions for those I serve will resonate forever.

Integrity: I am authentic in all aspects of my life. I “walk my talk” and always have my client’s best interest first. I am transparent with those I serve and expect the same in return.

Passion: I love what I do and who I am. I have a passion to Coach, Teach, Mentor and Help others. I am inspired by my clients and my clients are inspired by me.  Balance: I work hard. I play hard. I proactively balance excellence in business success, financial independence, health and fitness and family and relationships.

Leadership: I am a leader amongst leaders. Great leaders inspire action. I inspire action that leads to measurable, positive change with my clients, for myself and my team.

Team: Together Everyone Achieves More. I am a proud member of a strong, elite team. I actively participate, engage and connect with my fellow Coaches, clients and

Profitability: I am in business to make a profit. I expect a positive return on investment for myself, my clients and my community.

Knowledge: I am committed to continued learning and using proven real-world tools and experience. I believe in constant and never- ending improvement and the search for new ways to add more value.

So, in the Area Representative business I:

  • Live the Focal Point company Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values
  • Build the Area Representative business within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Recruit the most qualified prospects who are aligned with Focal Point culture
  • Provide support, guidance and leadership to ensure success for each member of my territory
  • Participate in the Area Representative Council for Focal Point
  • Support Focal Point leadership and the staff of Focal Point

I am selling the Area Representative portion of my business and will operate within the territory as one of the coaches for the new Area Representative.

If you are interested in being a Mentor to Business Coaching franchise owners in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and own a thriving, growing and real business please watch this video on what is Focal Point, Business Coaching, The Business Model and what type of person is successful, please copy / paste or click on:  This Is FocalPoint (

If after watching you have interest in learning more in a non-threatening, non-pressured sales way, then contact me at:  1.610.768.7774 or [email protected]

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