Business Coaching Growth Debate


This article is slightly antagonistic to the previous 2 that I posted. Why post opposing viewpoints on the state of business coaching today? Simple, I find that hearing multiple perspectives gives the most accurate and nuanced view of a picture. That is why I welcome a healthy, rigorous debate by reasonable positions to help hone my own views, especially on complex topics. While my previous 2 articles were directed at some of the limitations of business coaching I think they are not contradictory to this argument that business coaching is a rapidly growing industry, but in fact are complementary! As with any period of growth and influx there are reduced standards and a “bloat effect”. People are trying to cash in on this lucrative market. That being almost a truism, it makes the qualified, experienced, business coaches stand out that much more. While I believe that the business of business coaching is rapidly expanding it will inevitably go through a period of constriction in which a lot of the bandwagon coaches will be squeezed out and leave the truly qualified professionals who are in it for the long haul in place. Like a bodybuilder putting on mass that is a lot of water weight, once he tones down, the sleek no-fat muscles will be left for all to see.

Do you think business coaching is in a period of expansion or decline? Do you believe it is sustainable? Let me hear your perspectives in the comments.