Are You Ready for Business Ownership?

ownerRegardless of whether you are an executive of a Fortune 500 or fresh out of college, many professionals dream about the day they will be able to take control of their work and run their own ships, so to speak. If you find your thoughts wandering to the enticing idea of owning your own business again and again, you may have the entrepreneurial spirit required to make the leap.

Making the decision to start your own business can be both liberating and terrifying. While all business owners are unique, individuals who are natural born entrepreneurs often share some unifying characteristics.

Constantly Cogitating – Entrepreneurs are always thinking. For better or for worse, their brains continue to churn long after the workday has ended, and their next great idea is always on the horizon.

Independently Motivated – Some people require supervision and external factors to maintain their motivation. Business owners are intrinsically motivated, and wake up ready for the next challenge.

Driven to Help Others – Regardless of whether it’s the creation of jobs or providing a service that can help others succeed, entrepreneurs have a desire to do more than going through the motions. They know they can make a difference.

Legacy-Oriented – Those who choose to start their own business often think about the mark they will leave on this world. Building a business allows you to create something larger than yourself.

Comfortable with Uncertainty – Entering into business ownership means opening yourself up to a world of uncertainty. Entrepreneurs know they don’t have all the answers, but are confident in their ability to artfully solve the problems that come up.

Creativity Craving – Not all business owners are in a creative field, but all entrepreneurs need to be able to think outside the box. These individuals tire of following someone else’s rulebook, and thrive when asked to find creative solutions.

Master of Multitasking – Entrepreneurs regularly shift roles and must be competent at juggling all of the tasks before them. Many actually get bored when faced with the monotony of single, predictable tasks.

Born Leaders – From their earliest years, future business owners were the directors of their backyard plays, captains of their sports teams, and adventure-seeking pilot of all their friends’ mischief. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit are comfortable with others looking to them for guidance and direction.

Thrill Seeking – While not all naturally born business leaders wish to jump out of airplanes, nearly all of them love the rush of accomplishing goals and overcoming big challenges.

Street-Smart Thinking – Everyone knows that business ownership requires expert industry skills, but having “street smarts” is often just as important. The most successful business owners are able to read people and anticipate unexpected scenarios.

Is It Time for Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania?

If you see yourself in the description of these characteristics, it may be time to consider becoming your own boss. Focal Point has brought together some of the world’s most talented entrepreneurs to build a global network of certified business coaches. Using Brian Tracy’s proven techniques and technologies, these certified business coaches are changing the way businesses across Pennsylvania define success.

Focal Point Business Coaching  of Pennsylvania offers the opportunity to grown an independent business, while maintaining the benefits of a team atmosphere. We select our team carefully, and only award franchise licenses after extensive due diligence. Our process is thorough because our clients’ expectations are high.