Are you and your business ready for explosive growth?

The Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia and The Inquirer announced the 2018 Philadelphia 100 Award winners.  The 2018 Philadelphia 100 Awards recognizes privately-held companies with continuous growth over a three-year cycle from 2015 to 2017, and minimum revenue of $125,000 in 2015.

More than half winners are repeats, including Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania client beMarketing.   Revenues for the winners ranged from $198,217 to $250.16 million.

More than half of the winners are from Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties.

Is your Business ready to join this prestigious list?  Come and experience what THREE, (20/20 Visual Media, beMarketing & The Home Hero) of the 2018 winners experienced.

Each of these three had the vision to grow, improve and drive their business.  Each of three owners tried to achieve their goals in business on their own for period of time without the results they wanted.  Each of three agreed to work with Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania Elite Business Coach Mark Steinke over the last three years.

Is your Business Ready for Explosive Growth?

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