All Is Fair in Love and…Business: Tips for Going Into Business With Your Significant Other


Whether your significant other is someone you’re dating, engaged to or married to, you’re clearly compatible for one another, so why wouldn’t you be compatible as business partners? Well, just as there are issues in any relationship, being in business with someone brings on a whole new slew of issues. Luckily, the business gurus at FocalPoint have four tips that will help you work towards having a successful business partnership—and business—with your significant other; after all, all is fair in love and business, right?


Set Boundaries
It is important to set boundaries when starting on a work venture with a significant other. Try to set a limit to how many hours a day you spend talking about work together and how many hours a day you spend focusing on your relationship and family. It is imperative to separate personal matters from your business as much as possible to maintain a positive working and personal relationship with your life and (potential) business partner.  


Agree on Values
Although you already share core values with your partner, it is imperative that the values you have for running a business align as well. For example, if you have different views on how to speak with customers or even how to brand your business, there could be some unnecessary conflict. Before you begin to build your business, have a discussion about your values as a business and the mission you are trying to accomplish.


Focus on Your Strengths
In order to create the best business possible, using your strengths in conjunction with your partner should be a priority. By figuring out what each of you does well, you will be able to establish clear roles and tasks—this will help your business progress and prevent you from accidentally working on the same tasks. Also, when you give each other space to do your own work, you are able to put more trust in your partner’s abilities. This will strengthen your relationship as business partners…and help keep your romantic relationship in tact!


Take time at least once or twice a month to reflect on what has been happening recently with your business. This type of reflection will allow both of you to discuss your concerns, or congratulate one another on your accomplishments. If you are able to take time to reflect every few weeks you can be more proactive in working to better your business to meet your goals. Another positive outcome from having a monthly reflection as business partners? You will be strengthening your communication skills—a plus for both your personal and business lives!


Whether you feel you need business coaching before going into business with your significant other or are interested in learning better leadership skills, FocalPoint can help! Contact us today!