Business Owners are wearing too many hats in their Business. We all do it. Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania works with these Business Owners to implement a customized, personalized MPPT (Model, Methodology, Process, People and Technology) solution, increasing Revenue, Profits, Enhancing their Teams, and Providing more Time, so that these owner wear the ONE hat they WANT to wear in their Business thereby working ON their growing Business vs. IN it.

Focal Point does this by providing one on One Coaching with these Business Owners on a month-to-month basis with a MONEY Back Guarantee.



Discover how to increase your productivity by effectively setting goals, focusing your time on your highest value activities, and delegating the low value activities to your team. By learning the keys to effective delegation and team building, you can dramatically increase your productivity and profitability. The secret is simplifying, consolidating, and making incremental improvements in seven critical activities.

Begin maximizing your effectiveness today.


To grow your business and increase profits, business owners and executives can leverage the Way to Wealth formula. Learn to effectively brand your product or service, implement marketing and sales strategies to highlight your most successful assets, and eliminate those goods and services that fail to generate increased profits.

Begin growing your business today.


Dramatically increase your revenue by making sure sales teams are well trained, managed and focused. The success of your business is directly linked to the quality of your Sales Team and Sales Managers. Learn to identify your ideal prospect, establish rapport and determine the prospect’s needs. The secret is teaching your team to ask the right questions and overcome objections to effectively close the sale.

Begin developing your sales team today.


Gain control of your life and business by improving your leadership skills. By determining and executing your personal and business strategies, you can dramatically increase revenue and productivity, while reducing the wasted energy to give you more time and money. The secret is implementing the seven “R’s” that will help you take responsibility, develop a strategy, and manage stress.

Begin taking control of your leadership strategy today.

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