8 Intangibles Benefits of Business Ownership

Are you ready for Business Ownership?  If so, let’s discuss the INTANGIBLES of Business Ownership.

The unexpected benefits that most people really want and value but seldom prioritize or plan into their business ownership decision are:

1.  Income Based on Impact

A big mind shift from Hourly wages or salary, 401K, etc. to the idea of the greater impact I make the greater income I receive.  Ownership is rewarded for a those who make the impact.

2. No Office Politics

Get up and just work.  No wasted energy on angling, personal agendas, covering your actions, etc.  When you are the Owner office politics are 100% under your control.

3,  Time Control

Success takes work!  Work requires time!  As an owner, you are able to manage when you work and how much you work.  Flexibility is an intangible benefit that produces quality of life options like family, fitness and fun.

4. Income Control

Everybody wants more income. Go ahead and ask your Boss!  Wait when you are the Boss, you can have limitless income based on your success.   Will it be hard or low at first then progressively increase to a point greater that when you started?  YES!

 5. Client Profile

One of the most satisfying intangibles of Business Ownership is being able to choose who your customers are.  No more dealing with those that you do not like working with, no more dealing with those who drain you.  You can now choose the profile of your ideal client that best fits your product or service and market to them.  Imaging working with only those you choose and they pay you!

6. Industry

While not a requirement in business Ownership but choosing the industry to which you want to operate in is a tremendous intangible.  Business Owners again have the choice in which industry they want to serve.

7. Location Control

Not always 100% available but with most to all Businesses, the Owner chooses where they want to work and where they want their customers.  With Today’s technology many business owners can operate outside of their immediate geography if they choose.  Business Ownership opens up the possibility for travel, relocation or variety of you so choose.

8. Ownership but work with a Team

One of the greatest intangible benefits or business Ownership of a franchise (which by the way over 70% of Businesses are) is you are NOT ALONE.  You have a team who has been there, done that, created the operating manual with the How, When, What and Why so you can focus on Business Ownership of working ON your Business vs. IN your Business.

Business Ownership is GREAT!.  It is scary for those who do not possess Confidence, Competence and Charisma.  Most have all three C’s from our careers just not delivered in the framework of Owning your own business.  If you want to experience these 8 intangibles and more or learn more reach out to:

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