5 Tips for Creating an Effective Sales Strategy

successful-sales-strategyIt’s a New Year, which means it’s time to set new sales goals. Constantly assessing and adjusting your goals is important. Sales teams who aren’t consistently meeting their targets typically do not have an effective sales strategy in place. If that’s the case in your organization, it could be slowing down your overall growth. Use these tips to develop a sales strategy that will set your team up for success.


Identify Your Target Market

If you try to do business with everyone, you could miss connecting with anyone. Make sure your team knows who your target market is and can identify your ideal customer. Create a profile for this customer, identifying the age, gender and details of their lifestyle. This will provide a visual representation for your team to target the right type of customer. Your sales team should be able to eliminate the people who aren’t interested in your products or services, so they can focus on your target market.


Be Honest

When pitching your services to potential customers your sales team should not exaggerate. People can use body language and tone to identify when someone is not being genuine. Stick to the benefits of your products or services and answer customer questions honestly. Even if a team member gets a sale from a dishonest pitch, the customer will eventually find out the truth. Not only will you lose one customer, but that person can also turn some of your loyal customers against your business with a negative online review. Honesty is a policy you should make sure every team member abides by.


Know the Competition

Understanding who is also selling within your target market could set you apart from your competitors. Study their techniques, products and services so your team can clearly promote the benefits that they don’t offer. Competition research could also help you identify the gaps in the market and deliver exactly what your customers want.


Demonstrate a Need

People won’t just take your word for it. You need to find different ways to demonstrate the importance of your product or service by tailoring it to the needs of your target market. Sometimes people don’t realize how much they need something until they see it in action. Showing rather than telling could turn a cold shoulder into your latest customer.


Track Performance

Create a system for your sales team to monitor their sales performance. They should be able to analyze their numbers and identify which techniques were effective and which ones didn’t produce results. This will give you the data to determine what your team should start doing more of in order to increase sales.


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