5 Key Leadership Tips for New Managers

People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses. As a new manager, it’s your responsibility to inspire and motivate employees. Your team expects you to provide constructive feedback and reward hard work.

It’s a daunting responsibility.

Forbes reports that nearly 60 percent of managers didn’t receive any training before taking on this role. They were promoted because they were good at their jobs, not necessarily because of their leadership skills. But it’s one thing to be a skilled supervisor or team leader and another thing to be a good manager.

As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility – but don’t let your new role overwhelm you. Help is on the way.

Here are five leadership tips essential to success in your new role!

1. Listen and Communicate Effectively

Communication is a two-way street. Good managers not only communicate their vision and offer feedback but also listen to what others have to say.

Focus on building a culture of open communication. Encourage your team members to share their ideas and come up with solutions. Get them involved in your decisions and let them know that you’re interested in their input.

2. Be Authentic

One of the best pieces of leadership advice for managers is to be authentic and accessible. Show your true self and always stand by your principles. Great leaders are constantly learning from their teams. Don’t be afraid to ask your employees for advice when needed. Focus on bettering yourself and turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Harvard Business Review survey confirmed that authenticity and employee well-being go hand in hand. More than 80 percent of employees believe that being authentic can improve work performance, productivity, and communication.

3. Recognize and Reward Hard Work

Imagine working hard to complete a project and later realize that your efforts went unnoticed. You would probably lose your motivation and feel unworthy.

Good managers recognize and reward hard work. Simple things, such as praising your employees during a meeting or saying thank you more often, can make all the difference. Recognition not only improves team morale but may also reduce turnover and make it easier to attract talent.

4. Encourage Professional Growth

One in four employees cited lack of training and development as the primary reason they left their jobs. As a manager, it’s in your power to help your team members grow professionally through training, coaching, and learning experiences.

Encourage your staff to learn new skills and push themselves to achieve success. Provide constructive feedback, as well as encouragement. Establish goals and expectations for each employee, get them to leave their comfort zones, and invest in their development.

5. Never Stop Improving

The best leaders are constantly seeking ways to improve themselves. No matter how good you are at something, there is always room for growth. Stay abreast of the latest industry trends, continue your education, and question the status quo.

View your role as “under construction.” Be a continuous learner and get out of your comfort zone. Reflect on your journey and determine why you want to be a leader in the first place. Define your vision and then take the steps needed to bring it to life.

Get More Leadership Tips for a Fulfilling Career

Stepping into a managerial role comes with its share of challenges. At this point, you need to think beyond yourself and take responsibility for your team’s actions. The way your employees behave and work is a reflection of your ability to lead.

Looking for other leadership tips? You’ll be seeing more of these tips in each new issue. See our guide on how to motivate your team and keep things interesting in the workplace.

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