4 Problems An Executive Coach Can Help You Solve

When you’re the leader of a company, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day details of the business. You may feel the responsibility to take on countless tasks and use the time you should be spending on big picture activities.


If you find yourself with more to do than hours to do it, it’s time to get some help. While no one can give you all the answers, an Executive Coach can help you look at the overall needs of the business and prioritize. He or she can help you keep an eye on your goals, instead of on your to-do list.


If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms of being out of sync with your business, a coach can get you back on track.


1. You’re Feeling Overwhelmed All The Time

Feeling constantly overwhelmed by work is one of the most common reasons for hiring a coach. If work keeps piling up and you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, an executive coach can help. As the leader of your business, you don’t ever want to feel out of control. An executive coach can help you manage your time, schedule your day and get a different outlook on your time delegation.


2. You Don’t Have Anyone to Talk To

It’s hard to weather the ups and downs of running a business without having anyone to confide in. It can be very lonely at the top. An executive coach is someone you can speak freely with, without feeling exposed or risking your credibility or reputation. A coach can provide honest feedback and advice so that you can make decisions confidently and feel supported on a day to day basis.


3. You’re Running Out of Time and Money

Often, resources in your business are limited. If you could use someone to help you figure out the best way to do something, whether to cut down on budget, or save yourself time, an executive coach can help. After all, trying to do everything yourself and singlehandedly carrying the weight of a company may result in wasted time and money. By working with a coach, you’ll invest in yourself and the company and learn to allocate resources wisely.


4. You Feel Like the Company Isn’t Growing

Your company and your team can only expand at the rate at which you do. If you, the owner and/or leader of the company doesn’t have room to grow, it will be hard for your company get bigger. An executive coach can provide an unbiased perspective on what areas you need to improve – in yourself and your business. And, he or she can help you make a plan to do it.


If you’re struggling with any of these problems, stop spinning your wheels and get help. Solving these issues, and moving your business forward successfully, could be just a phone call away.



About the Author

Greg Emslie HeadshotWith more than three decades of experience in all facets of sales management, customer service, business growth, and staff coordination, Certified Business Coach Greg Emslie is a focused professional with the tools to help you grow and manage your business effectively.

Driven by his ability to implement proven business concepts and help improve teams, Greg affects all areas of the companies he works with, including sales, leadership, profitability, and decision-making. He focuses on improving efficiency and processes for his clients while helping them grow their revenue base.

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