3 Virtual Team Building Activities To Keep Team Spirit Alive


Keeping Remote Employees Engaged


Just how important it is to carry out day-to-day operations in your company, maintaining positive work relationships among employees helps feed into overall business success. From when the pandemic first began, the way companies have handled business operations and even employee relationships have drastically changed, calling for new ways to keep the routine going. It can be rough trying to keep fluid communication and work relationships strong while working remotely but virtual team building activities have since been used to link coworkers back together effectively. If you want to start incorporating work from home engagement activities in your business, check out a few easy examples to get your employee’s work relationships back up and running:

Your Life In A Photo

If you’re looking for easy to do virtual team building activities for your own company, you’ll love this photo-sharing one! Have your employees snap a photo of something that is meaningful to them. Whether it be a picture of their favorite food, sports team, family member, or location, ask them to capture a photograph and give each employee the chance to share their photo and its significance around the virtual call. The great thing about this activity is that it doesn’t consume a lot of time but gives each employee the opportunity to tell more about themselves and to get to know one another. This is an awesome activity to do especially when you have new team members on board!

Virtual Trivia

For those who love friendly competition and who have a wealth of facts that have questioned when this information will ever be useful, virtual trivia is just right for your company! Have someone designate themselves as the host while the rest of the employees split into teams. Compile a handful of trivia questions and give each team the chance to chat online in their group to decide what they think the answer is. Award one point to the teams that get the question correct. This is one of many work from home engagement activities to build on teamwork skills plus you can even incorporate industry-related questions to use as a learning lesson.


Three Truths And A Lie

This activity can be really fun if you put your mind to it! Have each employee come up with three truths about themselves and one lie. Encourage your employees to really think outside of the box with this activity and avoid overtly obvious truths and lies to make the game more interesting. Similar to the life photo activity mentioned earlier, this activity is a fantastic way to learn about one another and strengthen the work relationships of your employees. Who knows, maybe some employees will find more similarities with one another than they thought!

No matter what is going on in the world currently, when all employees in a company are working together and communicating efficiently, real business success can blossom. If you want to start implementing more team building activities to boost business success but aren’t entirely sure how to go about it, hire a professional employee engagement coach from FocalPoint Business Coaching of PA! Contact us now to get started on strengthening your employee’s work relationships today.