3 Eyes of The Business Owner

From the Book:  The E-Myth Revisited by Business guru Michael Gerber, Gerber states most Business owners experience The Entrepreneurial Seizure.  He goes on to define this as:  “Most people start out working for someone else doing technical work – be it a Mechanic, Doctor, Salesman, Hairdresser, what have you. Then for whatever reason these technicians get hit with an Entrepreneurial seizure, and suddenly have to go into business for themselves”.

“The Fatal assumption they just made is that if you understand the technical work of a business, you understand a business that does technical work.  This is NOT true.  The technical work of a business and a business that does the technical work are two totally different things!”  You see every technician suffering from this entrepreneurial seizure goes through the same process of exhilaration, terror, exhaustion and despair as the work that they were good at becomes the thing they despise the most as their Business move from start-up phase to a real business phase.

Every Business Owner that goes into business has to learn how to run their business with Three Eyes:

The Entrepreneur Eyes – The visionary, dreamer and innovator.  This view lives in the future, pondering “What if” scenarios  and is the catalyst for change.


The Manager Eyes – The pragmatic view.  The part that craves order, planning and consistency.  This view lives in the past, clinging to the status quo and abhors change.


The Technician Eyes – This is the doer, the worker.  It lives in the present and only sees the work that needs to be done at the moment.


Each set of “eyes” has its advantages and disadvantages.  The problem is that each wants to be the one in charge of the business.  For a business to thrive, all three eyes need to be ideally balanced in the Owner.  This is very RARE however.  The secret is to determine how much of each is needed & required for you the Business Owner to WORK ON your Business vs. IN your Business.

So which set of eyes are running or dominating your Business?