Ten Common Types of Objections in Sales

Objection handling

Customers ask questions and raise objections in a variety of ways.  Just as an MMA fighter needs to know the various ways that an opponent fights so he can counter effectively, you must be able to recognize these ten different type of objections so you can answer them appropriately.

  1. General Sales Resistance
  2. Requests for Information
  3. Objective Objections
  4. Subjective Objections
  5. Excuses
  6. Showoff Objections
  7. Malicious Objections
  8. Unspoken Objections
  9. Last-Ditch Objections
  10. Price

In Considering the ten common objections, there are several ways of dealing with them.  There is ONE final way to deal with objections of any kind.

For example, if your prospect says, “I can’t afford it,” or “Your price is too high,” or It costs too much,” you might respond by pausing, smiling and then say, “Mr/Ms. Prospect, I understand how you FEEL.  Others have FELT the same way when they first looked at our prices, but this is what they FOUND.”  You then go on to tell a success story of a customer who was initially concerned about the high price but who went ahead anyway and was happy as  a result.

It is important to your prospect that you take the time to understand their concerns and their feelings.  The words, “I understand how you feel,” are the way you tell your prospect that you really care about them and about helping them improve their situation.  When your prospect feels that you really care, they will begin to relax and open up.  They will freely express their worries and concerns.  As the sales conversation proceeds, they will begin telling you everything they can to help you help them make a good buying decision.

So give it a try…..use the core foundation objection handling method of FEEL, FELT and FOUND

By Mark R. Steinke, Elite Business Coach, Focal Point Business Coaching of Pennsylvania